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Letsu Gooo!

2009-11-18 15:41:19 by xdanond

Currently planning to make some more flash games, along with a likely update of the Anime Character Maker soon. IT WILL ROCK $!$%!%


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2010-07-25 18:58:11

For the anime character maker 3 (or whatever #), could you maybe put an option to use a blank background, so it would be easier for some people to edit on photoshop? It's okay if not, just suggesting.


2010-09-23 11:22:55

When will ACM V3 come out? Soon, I hope.


2011-02-19 19:30:47

cant wait bro


2011-03-25 21:11:32

It would be awesome if you added a save your character feature. I loved the ACM. I'm sure it's going to knock the pants off the other ones being that it has been two years since this post. xD

Take your time- I know it'll be great.


2011-06-16 20:41:47



2011-06-17 17:59:37

Oh look, it's Newgrounds' greatest flash creator, the maker of my favorite flash game Starwish!
You are my hero...


2011-06-18 16:38:31

YOu are a genius...and my hero...Starwish made me angry,excited,sad...every possible emotion i felt!! Best story ever...and a perfect music choice!!I would give everything to se a whole anime series <3 <3 cant wait more,YOU ROCK!!


2011-06-27 21:18:55

Any chance of adding medals to Starwish? It's an awesome game, I already played it tons on Kongregate and I'd love the motivation to play it again here. Plus medals are always good. :P


2011-06-28 14:04:12

I would love to see more work from you. Starwish is simply the best flash game I've seen on Newgrounds, especially the story, and I can't wait for a sequal. You've done a splendid job. Keep up the good work!


2011-10-28 07:44:43

It'd be a crime against humanity if you didn't make another flash game like Starwish :P


2012-03-26 14:07:42

Just dropping a comment to one of my favorite flash game makers ever!

Hope you make more as I play always play them! :D


2012-09-28 21:07:19

Starwish 2?

a man can dream...xD


2013-12-05 07:52:19

played starwish and loved it! hope that you can make another game that is just as epic as that


2015-05-05 02:44:00


Are you still there?
If so, just wanna let you know that your game, RPG Shooter: Starwish, has gained quite a lot of fans, and many of those fans wanted to know if you're gonna make some more.

So, uh, I hope you make a comeback.